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Sandy Poore

Sandy Poore

Punta Gorda, FL


Sandy Poore was raised on a farm in Towanda, PA in the heart of the Endless Mountains. Walking many miles along dirt roads and fields, she would pick up a stone or dried weed and see the beauty in it. Always having an appreciation for art, winning many sketching and creativity prizes throughout her school years, she was not directed to photography until her son was born. Like any mom, he was the most beautiful baby on earth and the best subject matter. The expense of film and limited time did not allow much to devote to this art. While teaching, however, she was able to incorporate the camera into her language arts classes and held photography clubs after school.
After moving to Florida, she took an administrative position for five years, again, incorporating the camera into her position.
Basically she is self taught. Her defining pleasure tends toward capturing candid shots of character shown in a person’s face and body language, abstracts, and macro. She strives for photos that can tell a different story to anyone who views them.
Some of her awards include: Second Place in the “Food Glorious Food” exhibition, First Merit in the “Wild Thing” exhibition, First Place in the Creative Division of the “Photo EXPO 2010”, an Honorable Mention for “Faces and Figures” 2009 and 2010 all at The Visual Arts Center. She also earned an honorable mention in the Art League of Fort Myers and several awards for her entries in the Tri-annual FCCC. Her Photos have also been chosen for the CHNEP Calendar of 2009 and 2010.
She just finished a two month exhibition at Charlotte County Foundation, two months at Royal Palms Retirement Home in Port Charlotte and is two monts at Keller Law Firm and is presently showing at Edward Jones in Punta Gorda.
Sandy was selected as ARTIST OF THE MONTH, DEC. 2010 by The Arts and Humanities Council of Charlotte County, Florida.


Ball and Chain by Sandy Poore


Storm Clouds by Sandy Poore


Gardenia in Black and White by Sandy Poore


Refreshment by Sandy Poore


Lifsaver in Black by Sandy Poore


Stairway to Heaven by Sandy Poore


Gumdrops by Sandy Poore


An Evening to Remember by Sandy Poore


Covered Bridge by Sandy Poore


Memories of Little Feet by Sandy Poore


Ye Ol' Train Station by Sandy Poore


Shallot and Shadow by Sandy Poore


Happiness by Sandy Poore


Floating Orb by Sandy Poore


Strawberries and Cream by Sandy Poore


Fruit of Life by Sandy Poore


Abstract in Brown by Sandy Poore